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Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?
Digital cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with a website. Cookies are bits of information stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone that help websites remember who you are only to serve up a better experience every time you visit. Cookies can help a website deliver content
that speaks to your search patterns. You’ll rarely find a website these days that does not use cookies in one form or another.

What cookies are used on our website and others we manage?
We use cookies that allow us to deliver requested services and also to help keep track of website performance and number of visitors. We also use cookies that allow content to be shared to any social sharing sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and Google Reviews. These cookies allow us to engage
with our customers, get their feedback, and learn more about them in order to optimize their online digital experience.

Third-Party Opt-Out Options:
• Facebook stores cookies which allow the sharing functionality, but only if you click on the Facebook icon or log in using your Facebook account. More information and how to opt out:
• Linked-In stores advertising cookies on your computer allowing them to track your search patterns. For more information on how to opt-out of this feature, visit:
• Yelp also uses cookies that track user traffic and stores personal information when on their site. To learn more about how to opt-out in your user settings, visit:
• When it comes to Google Reviews and your Google browser tracking, visit to discover ways you can stop, clear, or delete cookies from being installed on your computer.

We hope we’ve been able to give you better insight into the cookies we use on our website as well as others we own and operate. We may update this policy so feel free to check back often as you visit our website.

Last revised: June 2019